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Big Platte Lake

Big platte lake

There are two Platte lakes in Benzie County, Michigan, Big Platte and Little Platte. Big Platte Lake covers 2,516 acres and is 3.3 miles long and 1.6 miles wide. The average depth of Platte Lake is 24 feet deep. The deepest point of the Lake is measured at 95 feet deep. The Platte River flows in and back out of Platte Lake and continues downstream in and out through Loon Lake until it finally reaches Lake Michigan. Big Platte Lake is located in Benzie county, which was molded into a land full of sand dunes by the glacial formations. Platte Lake is one of the largest of the lakes located in Benzie County. Platte Lake is full of a variety of different species of fish. The types of fish include, small mouth and large mouth bass, rock bass, northern pike, walleye, brown bullhead, chinook salmon, strickbacks, bluegill and perch.

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